Monday, July 4, 2011

Returning to the States

Saying goodbyes was not bad as I thought because I know I will see some of my closed friends again. 

New Zealand and Australia its been fun and its been real but its time for me to jet set back to where I belong. You taught me alot. Be Strong Live Life and No Stress Ki Ora. Back to the States as a novelty love ya Never Forgotten ... Aye No worries Mate.  

After a 3 hour flight to Sydney Australia, 13 hour flight to USA, 3.5 hr flight to Chicago, a 2 hr flight to Baltimore Happy 4th of July, American Independence. 

Welcome Back :)


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  2. Glad to know that you enjoyed your trip of Australia and New Zealand. Both are the interesting place for making memories. Don't forget to share your amazing moments with us through pictures.

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