Friday, July 1, 2011

The Cultural Aspect of New Zealand & Australia

 We learned so much about the natives of New Zealand who are referred to as "Kiwis" or the Mauri people and the Aboriginal people from Australia. it was interesting hearing about the comparisons and contrasts between both cultural groups. We actually went to museums, different landscapes where they use to live, and an Aboriginal guy's house out in the tropics named Harold. He took us to his sacred healing place and taught us the Aboriginal way of hunting, cooking meat underground, plant resources and medication, and

We also saw the movie entitled "The Apology to the Aboriginal People," which was the prime mister saying sorry for abandoning the culture of the natives of Australia and that the country will begin to embrace it again no matter how long it takes. It was very emotional to watch, I could not imagine how the people felt who actually attended the Apology. I'm glad this took place however, because culture is so important and significant in one's well-being and maintaining it is another.

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