Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cairns, Australia Absolutely Magnificent

What can I say more than Thank you. After coming from a few rainy days in Sydney, Australia; walking around the beautful harbor at night; learning about the Aboriginal people, and of course taking pictures in front of the Opera house; it was about that time for some sunny hot weather.

We arrived in Cairns and all I could say was Wow. Our hostel was across from the "mud beach," the Lagoon, the volleyball courts, and several other recreational fields and the weather was gorgeous. We had a free day so we went downtown and ate, socialized, and experienced how big locals are about watching a rugby game on a big screen as we are about the NFL. 

Our plans for the next few days are to swim, tan, chill, and relax until we are ready to board the Great Barrier Reef 2-Day Cruise Ship "Rum Runner" on Saturday where we will be snorkeling and scuba diving, seeing so much wildlife including various species of sharks, fish, corals, and reefs. I cant wait.

Hopefully I can FIND NEMO.


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